Friday, April 27, 2018

Student Events Happening Week of 4/30-5/4 
Student Events Happening Week of  4/30-5/4

Monday 4/30 
  • Final GRIP visit
Tuesday 5/1
  • MAP TESTING in the morning
  • Music
Wednesday 5/2
  • MAP TESTING in the morning
  • Art
  • 1:00-2:00pm - Mandatory CPR and swim lessons - students may be picked up at the Youth and Family Center after the lesson  - students who do not bring a note to stay at the Youth and Family Center, will walk back to the school at 2:30.
Thursday 5/3
  •  Music
  • 5-7pm World Fair Event at TCS in the evening - food, games, fun - 6th graders research games, design/build and then run the games - please plan on working 5-7pm if at all possible - thank you
 Friday 5/4
  • TCS Song Share for 3-7th grades 
  • Early release - please arrange to be picked up by 1pm
  • May 4-6 Brainhackers Game Jam Competition for those 6th grade teams competing
Upcoming Events   
  • May 15 Races in the Park with Coach Bruce Gomez
  • May 16 and 17 - day time and evening performances of Julius Caesar, performed by the 6th grade - student attendance at all performances is mandatory
  • May 21 - All day field trip to Great Sand Dunes National Park and Hooper Pool-- volunteers needed please (parents will need to drive - no room on the bus)
  • May 22 TCS Talent Show
  • May 23 Upper grades Field Day
  • May 24 -  Last day of school