Wednesday, February 15, 2017

6th Grade Health Class

Dear Sixth Grade Families,

I wanted to let you know about an update for the upcoming 6th grade health classes. All sixth grade students will be attending three sessions of health class in February/March presented by
Amy Dondanville, LMSW. All girls in the sixth grade class will still finish the last girls' health class, led by Carrie Moon, during lunch on  2/16/17. For the next three weeks, the entire sixth grade class will attend three additional health class sessions, led by Amy Dondanville, LMSW. In accordance with New Mexico Health Education Standards, the health classes will explore the interrelationship of mental, emotional, social, and physical health during adolescence, as well as provide a safe and affirming environment for sixth graders to learn more about healthy choices that support positive self-esteem, respectful communication with peers, and changes during puberty.
Sincerely,Sally Greywolf