Monday, December 9, 2013

Vocabulary Words Dec 9

Dec 9 Vocabulary Words Defined

1. admonish (verb) 1. to warn against something 2. to scold someone…
1. Mr. Paddington admonished us not to throw food in the cafeteria. 2. After the food fight, the
principal admonished us for having participated.
Synonyms: 1. advise, forewarn 2. reprimand
2. anonymous (adj) 1. unknown or unnamed 2. lacking individuality or character
1. The author of the book remained anonymous even after the book won countless awards.
2. My block was a long row of boring, anonymous houses.
Synonyms: 1. incognito, secret    Antonyms: 1. known, recognized
3. astute (adj) smart and perceptive
Young Jordan made the astute comment that bullies often have problems at home.
Synonyms: bright, insightful   Antonyms: ignorant, idiotic
4. bystander (noun) one who looks on or observes; a person present but not taking part
Among all the bystanders at the parade, I was the shortest so I had the worst view.
Synonym: witness, spectator
Antonym: participant
5. casualty (noun) a person killed or injured in a war or accident
During the American Civil War there were 360,222 Union casualties and 258,000 Confederate
casualties, making it by far the deadliest war in American history.
6. deceased (adj) dead
The deceased soldier was given a full military funeral.
Antonyms: alive
7. downright thoroughly, totally
Camille is just a downright nice girl.
8. grimy (adj) very dirty, covered with dirt or soot
Acey’s house was on the north side of town, among the grimy industrial buildings and smokestacks.
Antonyms: clean, pure
9. homage (noun) honor or respect shown publicly
The mayor paid homage to the students who had helped build the new skate park.
Synonyms: praise  Antonyms: dishonor
10. hurtle (verb) to move with great speed; to rush violently
The out-of-control truck hurtled down the freeway.
11. legitimate (adj) 1. lawful; according to the laws or rules 2. genuine or justifiable
1. In soccer, hitting the ball with your hand is not a legitimate shot. 2. I felt that my complaint about
the heat in our classroom was legitimate, but the custodian wouldn’t listen to me.
Synonyms: accepted, customary, rightful   Antonyms: illegal, invalid, illegitimate
12. lethal (adj) causing death or made to cause death
Socrates was forced to swallow a lethal dose of poison.
Synonyms: fatal, deadly
13. magnitude (noun) the great size or importance of something
The magnitude of electing the first African-American president will be felt for generations.
Synonyms: greatness, significance
Antonyms: insignificance, unimportance
14. stodgy (adj) heavy, dull, or boring; old-fashioned
Chris likes reading comic books, not stodgy old novels from the 19th century.
Synonyms: dreary, formal   Antonyms: exciting
15. utmost (adj) greatest, highest, farthest
Respecting people who are different from you is of the utmost importance.
Synonyms: absolute, maximum   Antonyms: little, slightest